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Consumer Safety International (CSI) was incorporated on 30th September 1992 and has become a charity committed to reducing accidents in domestic and commercial properties and holiday accommodation worldwide. CSI also provides advice and assistance to accident victims and their families.


Molly's Story

Former President, Molly Maher's Story

Over twenty five years ago I was the Sussex-based reporter for Television South and had the sad job of meeting Molly Maher and her family shortly after their son had been killed and their daughter, Sheree, was paralysed by carbon monoxide (CO) from a gas water heater in a Tenerife holiday flat. The heater was only supposed to feed a kitchen sink but had been linked to feed the bath. Hundreds of thousands of such appliances were in Mediterranean resorts. Over the next few years I covered stories involving Molly’s efforts to stop such accidents. At first those in authority in this country and Europe failed to respond but gradually MP’s, Peers and Euro-Politicians began to take notice. - Ray Kemp


All Videos

All Videos

As journalist, Ray Kemp, says above, my husband Peter and I suffered a terrible tragedy in 1985 when our 26 year old son Gary was killed and our 21 year old daughter Sheree was severely damaged after being poisoned by fumes from a gas water heater which leaked deadly carbon monoxide (CO) in their Tenerife holiday apartment. Sheree was in a coma for 4 months and is still confined to a wheelchair but her strength is amazing. Sheree and my other lovely daughter Lindy, were always 100% supportive of our “gas” efforts. Investigations going back for more than 20 years revealed many similar disasters. After 5 years of campaigning for safer holidays our family were devastated when my husband Peter died in 1990. I then met Nigel Griffiths MP, then Shadow Consumer Affairs Minister, and we set up Consumer Safety International (CSI) in 1992, together with the relatives of other CO victims. Nigel’s support for over 20 years has been great. He advised CSI to be formed as a non-party charity with support across both Houses of Parliament. It included eminent safety advisors with much appreciated volunteers. CSI worked to achieve improvements by educating the public and advising victims of holiday tragedies. Read full feature 




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Patrons and Members



The Baroness Masham of Ilton DL, Crossbench Member

Lord Philip Hunt of Kings Heath PC OBE, Lab

Dr Nigel Griffiths CSI Founder Member, Chairman and Chair of Expert Advisors

President of Consumer Safety International (1997-2020)

Mary Maher, commonly known as Molly Maher

Vice President

Sheree Maher

Vice Chair

Andrew Rosindell MP, Con

CSI Gas Specialist

Stephen Hadley, Expert Advisor

Head of Campaigns Strategy


Sonya Palasiuk

Management Committee Members

Baroness Diane Hayter, Lab

Sheree Maher

Margaret Reason BA (Hons)

Rose Lalor

Nicola Scott

Lindy Davis

Sharla Gupta

Nadine Gupta


Elaine Miles

Amiete George

Bill Paton, Chairman of CORGI Technical Services

John Gregory, Technical Manager, Corgi Technical Services

Dr Ben Croxford, Expert Advisor

Board of Reference

The Rt Hon the Lord Bassam of Brighton, Lab

Chris Bielby, Gas Industry Advisor

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